About Us

Your Trusted Business Consultants

The company was founded by Bill Barron, a highly successful senior executive with a breadth of worldwide experience and exemplary record of performance in both print and digital media. He successfully managed the shifting of advertising spending from a predominantly print world to digital through innovation and diversification. He also has extensive experience in creating value for companies through fixing, building, and growing businesses.

Bill recently completed the sale of the Hearst Electronics Group to Arrow Electronics, Inc.™, a $25-billion electronics distributor. As V.P. Publishing Director at Hearst Business Media, he made key acquisitions to the Electronics Group, which led to the sale. He also managed the transition of the group from an almost exclusive print revenue business into the worldwide leading digital content provider serving the Electronics Engineering Community. With a network of industry professionals developed over a career of working with suppliers, vendors and customers in every facet of the product development cycle, we are well connected to help you get to market faster and more cost effectively than going it alone.

We can help you avoid mistakes during the learning curve that slow you down as you introduce your product or service to potential customers. You stay focused on making the best product possible and we’ll stay focused on bringing it to market. We’re not just about getting new customers but also increasing the depth of the relationship with existing customers for new sales opportunities as your product lineup grows. And we can help you refine the product lineup along the way as we stay connected to the customer experience for continuous feedback.

What's with the Name?

Our company's name is inspired by a rock in a cove in Maine where Bill grew up. Like the business problems we like to ignore, the rock only shows itself at low tide, and can sink you if you don't know it's there. And even if you do know it's there, it can still sink you if you are not paying attention. It is important to recognize the problem and find ways to avoid it. Our name reminds us of our purpose, which is to help customers navigate and succeed in landing safely in any tide.

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